Lost Ark - All you need to know before taking on the Argos Abyss Raid

Published: 06:55, 04 March 2022
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Lost Ark - Abyss Raid Argos
Lost Ark - Abyss Raid Argos

The storyline is not the only thing updated in Lost Ark with the latest March update. Developers are also giving us a new Guardian Boss monster to fight, Argos, in a new setting called the Abyss Raids.

We have had the Guardian Raids as Tier 1 content, and have moved onto the Abyss Dungeons as content meant for Tier 2. Now get ready for some new content with improved difficulty called the Abyss Raids, meant only for the truly skillful players.

Abyss raids will follow a similar pattern to that of the Guardian Raids, as players will have to work together to bring down a Guardian before the time expires, with a limited amount of revives available to the party.

Unlike Guardian raids though, which consist of four players, the parties will consist of up to eight players, showcasing just how much more dangerous this content is. As the developers explain,  players will need to progress through three different phases as they work together to kill the Guardian.

With each of the three phases, the Guardian will grow more powerful, using different mechanics and attack patterns. This means that each Guardian phase has its own gear score requirement, starting from 1370 gear score and going up to 1400.

Each phase has its own rewards which are collectible once a week, and different item level requirements for players to participate. As such, these instanced dungeons will join the Chaos Dungeons as weekly content.

Smilegate Lost Ark - Guardian Raid Lost Ark - Guardian Raid

The rewards available in Argos Abyss Raid are:

  • Agros' Claw,
  • Argos' Tooth,
  • Argos' Blood,
  • Argos' Tendon.

Entering the Abyss Raid will be possible via the Abyss Raid Statue that will be displayed in all major cities.

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