League of Legends - Which Jungle Champions Counter Udyr

Published: 01:29, 05 September 2022
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League of Legends champion Trundle splash art
League of Legends - Trundle was made to pick apart tanky champions, in more ways than one

The new Udyr rework has done more than just made the champion more aesthetically pleasing. He is now a menace in the jungle, even though his win rate doesn't reflect that.

Previously, we knew that Udyr will become the embodiment of the League of Legends Freljord demigods, or at least will draw his abilities from them. When the champion was released by Riot it confirmed that the rework is amazing.

Though amazing it may be, it still won't take part in World Championship 2022 , due to the unstable nature of its place in the meta.

The question on the mind of SoloQ players who played against a competent Udyr, though, is how to beat this jungle behemoth. After all, even though his win rate is bad, he is the second most played jungle in the game, and the most often banned one.

This means that a lot of players are still learning the champion, while a lot more fear what he brings to the table. Udyr has four counters to his playstyle and kit:

  • Trundle
  • Kindred
  • Bel'Veth
  • Lillia

Riot Games League of Legends champoin Kayn, splashart League of Legends - Kayn counters everyone these days, not only Udyr

Trundle is the frontline anti-tank champion, who doesn't allow Udyr to stack armor and magic resist so easily. if he does, Trundle's Subjugate will strip him of it, and make Trundle a beast of a champion.

Kindred and Bel'Veth, on the other hand, are champions with extremely good scaling, which allows you to kill Udyr easily, and carry the game with brute force, should enough time pass. All you need to do is avoid giving him early kills, and fight where he isn't, as your jungle speeds are comparable.

Lillia, though, is the champion you pick if you know how to play her, and want to destroy an Udyr main's game. She is capable of dealing true damage to this tank while being one of the few champions in the game capable of running circles around Udyr. You can't hide from Udyr, but damn can you run around him.

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