League of Legends: How MMR and Matchmaking works

Published: 18:51, 07 February 2023
Riot Games
Hackers are auctioning League of Legends source code
Hackers are auctioning League of Legends source code

Understanding how the MMR system works can be beneficial for players looking to improve their performance and climb the ranks in solo queue. Here is a guide on how exactly this system works.

It is crucial for players of League of Legends to understand the workings of the matchmaking system, whether they are new to the game or experienced players. This knowledge can be used to their advantage and help them quickly climb the ranks in solo queue.

Riot's  matchmaking system is made up of two elements, the League Points (LP) and the MMR (Match Making Rating) system. These two systems work together to determine a player's rank in their ranked games.

League Points, or LP, are points that players earn or lose based on their performance in ranked games. Winning a ranked game  will result in an increase of LP, while losing will result in a decrease. When a player accumulates 100 LP, they will move up a division, and if they fall below 0 LP, they will move down a division. Moving up multiple divisions allows players to climb the ranks, for example from Silver to Gold.

MMR Explanation

According to Riot, the MMR system has a range known as Variance, which determines the level of performance that a player can achieve. If the Variance of two players overlaps, they can be matched together in a game. This means that players with over 40 games and a player who just finished their placement games can be matched together if their Variance overlaps.

Riot has confirmed that they do not use Engagement Optimized Matchmaking (EOMM) in their matchmaking process. Instead, they rely solely on the MMR system. In previous seasons, Riot used both the visible rank and the MMR to matchmake players. However, starting from season 13, they have switched to using only the MMR system for matchmaking purposes.

The MMR is an invisible rating that represents a player's skill level in the game. Each player in League of Legends has their own MMR value, which is used to determine who they will play against in ranked, ARAM, or normal games.

The MMR system is what ultimately decides which players will be matched against each other, based on their skill level. It is a key factor in determining a player's performance and is used to create balanced and fair matches for all players. The MMR is an important aspect of the matchmaking system, as it allows for players to compete against others of similar skill levels.


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