How to get The Ghost achievement in Guild Wars 2

Published: 16:00, 28 July 2020
Updated: 17:37, 28 July 2020
Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2's Icebrood Saga continued with Episode 4 which brought new story missions and achievements tied to them. This guide should get you through the particularly sneaky one.

The Ghost achievement is tied to a story mission so I heartily recommend doing the mission first to avoid any possible spoilers. Then again, if you are here looking for tips on how to do it, you may have already given it a go. 

After listening to your group trying to get their strategy together, you will start wearing a Charr illusion. Still, the Dominion members can recognise you if you waltz into their sight cones. The objective behind the achievement is to blow up all three cannons without being spotted.

To set the charges on a cannon, you will need to loot them from a pile first which brings us to the first obstacle - a red Dominion soldier guarding the charges and another Charr guarding the cannon. Thankfully, these two like to gossip and will abandon their posts soon so just wait it out, grab charges and proceed to the first cannon while watching out for the patrolling blue Charr.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - First cannon is easy. The blue patrol is the only threat as others lose sight and you're free to set things up First cannon is easy. The blue patrol is the only threat as others lose sight and you're free to set things up

Charges are set by using the first ability when wielding them. At that point, the cannon will play a sequence of three icons, which you need to repeat. After doing so, the charge is set and you can proceed to the next one.

Instead of swimming, go down the land route and look to climb the ledge on the left. You can identify it by the shrubs that obfuscate the view. There are no Charr in its immediate vicinity so go right through the branches. You will stumble upon the next set of charges and standing on the rock next to them will make sure no one can spot you picking the explosives up.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - Approach the ledge and explosives this way Approach the ledge and explosives this way

If there is a Dominion soldier on your left side, let him pass to the right and proceed to the next cannon. There is an engineer on a mortar there but this cat can't spot you so you're free to go about your business. Plant the charge, repeat the sequence and then proceed into the water.

Swim around the bend and you will see the next set of charges and the cannon pretty close to each other but the area is densely populated with patrols and curious Charr. Here are their basic mechanics:

  • Dominion Flame Legion soldier on the beach barely ever walks but will turn around a lot
  • There is one mortar engineer who couldn't spot a warband parachuting on top of him
  • One Dominion Blood Legion soldier who doesn't move but turns around in regular intervals. He will look at the charges but turn his gaze elsewhere soon enough
  • One immobile soldier next to a tree that occasionally turns around but his field of view doesn't cover the charges
  • One patrolling Dominion Flame Legion Charr that can sometimes come across the charges
  • One patrolling Dominion Iron Legion soldier that can spot you after all charges are planted

The gameplan here is to move past the cat on the beach when he turns to look to the left. Then, if the Blood Legion one is staring at the explosives, wait until he turns around and pick them up. Make sure that the patrolling Flame Legion is to your right so you can keep an eye on him while picking up explosives.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 The way patrols should be posted at the time of picking up explosives. After getting them, go to the X and set up the charges. Use stealth ability if Flame Legion on the beach is looking your way

When you have the charges, go back the way you came and start working the cannon. You don't have to go exactly to where the quest indicator is pointing, you can plant the explosives while you're on the beach, left side of the cannon. Do the sequence and be ready to bolt.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - Ideal spot to plant explosives on the third cannon. You can see almost all the patrolling Charr from here. Ideal spot to plant explosives on the third cannon. You can see almost all the patrolling Charr from here.

You are almost at the end but there is still one last stretch to go through. There is no rush so take a good look and find where the patrolling Flame and Iron Legion soldiers are. They move independently so they may not be in the same place.

If they are both on the left, just hug the wall to your right and go to your allies on the quest marker. Otherwise, you can wait for the one on your right hand side to pass to the left and then hug the wall before joining the allies.

Hop on that ledge, watch the fireworks and enjoy your newly earned achievement.