How to get Dog Nap achievement in Guild Wars 2

Published: 19:56, 31 March 2022
Guild Wars 2 - Dog Nap in progress
Guild Wars 2 - Dog Nap in progress

One of the achievements Guild Wars 2 received for Dog Days may be slightly elusive at first but here is a quick way to deal with it.

ArenaNet introduced a gaggle of canines that are chilling in Lion's Arch and we can get four achievements by interacting with them. They are pretty straightforward but Dog Nap might get you confused due to a technicality.

The achievement asks players to sit or sleep with the dogs in their dedicated area for several minutes. However, you might get the impression that you need to interact with one of the dogs that then lets you temporarily sit next to them. Spamming this interaction will get you nowhere.

Dog Nap achievement actually requires you to use the emote version of sitting or sleeping so just go next to a dog that's chilling and use /sit or /sleep command to start relaxing as well.

There is no need to watch at your nearly-inanimate character while waiting for the achievement to pop up either. You can tab out of Guild Wars 2 and watch a YouTube video or scroll your favourite meme site. I didn't actually count how long it takes to pop the achievement but I wouldn't say it's more than one or two minutes as it came up really quickly.

ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 - Remember to show the doggos some love Guild Wars 2 - Remember to show the doggos some love

Don't forget to trade with the dogs as well - their bags can contain useful items but I wouldn't go as far as giving them ascended materials for it.

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