Guild Wars 2: How to get Flight of the Eagle Spirit gold medal

Published: 16:01, 28 July 2020
Updated: 17:40, 28 July 2020
Guild Wars 2 - The Eagle's Flight activity
Guild Wars 2 - The Eagle's Flight activity

Flight of the Eagle Spirit is possibly the easiest activity among the three introduced in Jormag Rising. Still, it might be tricky initially so here are a few tips on how to get gold.

Flight of the Eagle Spirit is the first time we get to experience free flight in Guild Wars 2 as not even the Skyscale can keep flying for such extended periods of time and certainly not at this altitude. The best part is that it's pretty awesome, making this one rather interesting activity.

The goal is to finish the course set the Eagle spirit in less than two minutes and five seconds. You will follow it through a set of checkpoints and it's all pretty straightforward but you will need to "cut corners" in the circular shapes left by the bird in front.

There are two main tips that you should keep in mind while going through the activity:

  1. Spam the speed boost on recharge
  2. Eagle spirit's movement and checkpoints will give you hints in which direction you should go next

Spamming the speed boost is pretty self-explanatory but the second tip is slightly more complex. The trick is to fly as close to the checkpoint's bounds while still being inside enough for it to register. You will minimise your flight time this way and make it to the finish much faster.

Since the Eagle's trajectory and the checkpoint's facing telegraph the direction you will take, they will help you decide which bound you should fly next to. Between each checkpoint, you should maintain a line as straight as possible in order to make the flight shorter.

In case you miss one checkpoint - don't worry, you will still gain enough favour from the Eagle to complete the activity. I whiffed one in the video as well. Missing two will probably result in failure.

That's it - good luck!