Guild Wars 2 Sunqua Peak beginner guide and tips

Published: 16:25, 15 September 2020
Guild Wars 2 - Sunqua Peak
Guild Wars 2 - Sunqua Peak

Sunqua Peak is Guild Wars 2's first taste of Cantha and a fractal with new mechanics. The fractal does a good job teaching players how to deal with it but here are a few tips and mechanics explanations, just in case.

This guide contains names of the mini-bosses and mechanics of the entire fractal. We highly suggest you try the fractal's Tier 1 first and consult this guide afterwards, in case something is not clear and you don't mind spoilers.

Sunqua Peak's first challenge is actually a jumping puzzle. It's not particularly hard to land the jumps and the path forward is clearly visible but keep in mind that you should have three stacks of Charged Leap whenever possible although two stacks will be enough for some jumps. Alternatively, you can just wait it out until a teammate makes it to the top of the puzzle, at which point the stones will rearrange into an actual path that is easy to cross.

But how do you gain stacks of Charged Leap? Simple - just pick up the elemental orbs that spawn on the ground and you will gain a stack each time you do so. Keep in mind they can expire but the timer gets refreshed when you pick up a new orb.

Voice of the Mountain

Initial bosses in Sunqua Peak will serve to teach players the mechanics they will later encounter at the final boss. The first among them is the Voice of the Mountain.

It will spawn projectiles that are fired in an outward expanding pattern so if you're in melee range, you will have a harder time dodging them. However, you can keep an eye on who the Voice is attacking and stay on its flank or behind since the projectiles are always fired in the directing it's facing.

Taking away roughly 33 per cent of the mini-boss' HP will result in a new mechanic popping up. It becomes invulnerable and you have to dodge AoE attacks that are telegraphed on the ground. Charged Leap orbs from the jumping puzzle will start appearing along with indicators where you need to jump. 

Pick up two or three orbs and go to the indicator, jump and it will dissipate one cloud, at which point your Charged Leap stacks will be consumed. All the orbs on the ground are spawned for each individual player, much like gathering nodes, so one player picking them up will not deny another from doing so. 

The fight resumes upon destroying all the clouds with the same rules from before - avoid the Voice's attacks and keep dishing out as much damage as possible. Bringing it down to 33 per cent HP will repeat the cloud jumping phase, after which you will go into DPS phase again until you defeat it.

Water elemental path

You will be moving on a path that is to the side of the mountain and reach tiny waterfalls on your way forward. These waterfalls have alternating currents and it's clearly visible when the current is going faster. When this happens, wait it out as entering the water will knock you off the cliff.

Furthermore, Enraged Water Sprites have knockback so make sure you don't stand on a ledge when fighting them unless you're a fan of involuntary cliff jumping.

Fallen Boulders

Yup. Your next mini-boss is a pile of rocks. The fight is fairly simple - just pump your damage out as much as possible and avoid telegraphed AoE attacks. At higher tiers, these can outright kill a player but T1 is more forgiving and you can recuperate without getting instagibbed. Furthermore, higher tiers have additional mechanics but this is also a beginner's guide.

Fire elemental path

Fire elementals you encounter here are basically Oozes that spam conditions on you so dodging the AoE attacks is extremely important. They also explode upon death and spawn smaller Oozes, which also explode on death. Be careful not to get hit by several explosions if you nuke too many in a small time window.

Fury of the Mountain

The fiery boss is fairly agile and jumps all over the combat arena, meaning melee DPS will have to keep chasing it constantly and not rely on static area DPS, such as Shadow Flare.

Bringing Fury down to 66 per cent HP makes it invulnerable as the spirit channels fiery waves that you can jump over. You will also notice an AoE spell that is charging at the same time and once the channelling finishes, a burst of damage will happen. You can't dodge this one and the only safe spots are behind rocks that temporarily fall to the battlefield. Hide behind them before the explosion happens.

After the explosion, your DPS phase will resume. Knock Fury down to 33 per cent HP and get ready for another round of waves and hiding behind rocks. A DPS phase will occur until 25 per cent HP, then find the rocks, hide and wait for the explosion. The final DPS phase commences after that, so just defeat the mini-boss and proceed further.

Fury has a break bar so make sure you CC it regularly for easy and safe damage dealing.

Final Boss

This boss is a culmination of all the mechanics from the three mini-bosses. It is you who will have to engage in the combat by either coming too close to the boss or attacking first.

There are a few key attacks that the boss will spam. Orbs that fly in a straight line will be telegraphed by arrows that will appear on either the left or right side of the boss. 

The other side is temporarily safe but even the one with the orbs is ok since you can stand between two projectiles and not get hit by either one. After orbs from both sides have been fired, the boss shoots a third salvo that can only be avoided by either dodging or standing between projectiles as there is no safe side here.

There is a lot of dashing involved, just like with Fury of the Mountain, so AoE spells' usefulness is limited. 

Your adversary will dash to the middle of the circular battlefield in intervals, at which point a spread of orbs will be placed all over the edges. Arrows will pop up to inform you of the way they will travel but they will all converge on the boss. Dodging them gets easier the further you are from the centre.

At some points, teammates will get tagged with an AoE that is priming for an explosion. They should avoid the rest of the team until the explosion occurs.

There will be periods when the boss takes the form of Voice of the Mountain where you have to pick up Charged Leap orbs and shut down clouds. Failing to shut them all down is pretty terrible so make sure you pick up orbs and shut the clouds down ASAP. At T1, the entire team takes a lot of damage but failing the cloud jumping phase at higher tiers will result in a wipe.

Soon after the boss does this, break bar will appear under their HP and you can spam CC to get a stun off and deal some good damage with no danger of getting killed. The break bar will periodically reappear after this point, regardless of whether the boss instigated a cloud jumping phase so try to exploit it as much as possible.

Furthermore, the boss will periodically try to do a combo attack by winding up for it in the middle of the battlefield. Deny the attack by breaking their defiance bar for a stun and additional free DPS. Failing to break the bar in time can also result in a wipe so make sure you have a good amount of CC on your skill bar.

At 66 per cent HP, phase two will kick off and the boss will assume more of Fury's abilities. Mechanics with fire waves will repeat along with the devastating attack that can only be avoided by hiding behind rocks.

The boss will repeat the orb firing from the battlefield's edge move but this time their direction will not be parallel to each other. Still, they are easy to dodge when standing at the edge of the zone where telegraphing is more prevalent. 

Other mechanics remain pretty much the same in this phase so just rinse and repeat.

At 33 per cent HP, the third phase commences, with the water powers. A new mechanic kicks in, called Tidal Bargain. A tether will appear and catch one team member. It will start putting stacks of a buff/debuff on the tethered player, with each stack reducing their speed but increasing damage. At 10 stacks, the entire team will start taking huge ticks of damage so the tether will need to be removed before this happens.

Furthermore, roaming water vortices will appear on the battlefield periodically. They are slow but deal massive amounts of damage so make sure you stay out of their way. 

The boss will also go into the middle of the field and channel a huge water vortex, at which point you should cease fire. The boss is invulnerable and reflects projectiles in this state.

There is more AoE to avoid in this phase than anywhere in the fractal so make sure your dancing game is up to speed. All the mechanics and ways to deal with them have already been mentioned so the only thing left to do is to bring the boss down and collect your rewards.

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