How to get Dead Man's Tale catalyst in Destiny 2

Published: 14:13, 24 February 2021
Destiny 2 - Presage
Destiny 2 - Presage

Destiny 2's latest Tex Mechanica Exotic has received the catalyst activity and here are the pointers to try and complete it with the most efficiency.

Dead Man's Tale catalyst is tied to the Master version of Presage mission. You can choose the difficulty from the drop-down menu after clicking on the activity in Director, in the same manner you choose Nightfall options.

Changing difficulty to Master will make Presage get the following modifiers:

  • 1320 recommended Light / Power
  • Equipment locked
  • Match Game
  • Chaff
  • Champions Mob

All of these requirements have been seen in other activities before so they are pretty straightforward. Make sure your fireteam has all three types of Light damage since the Shields will be hard to break otherwise. Alternatively, you can try running Arbalest to break shields with it instead.

As for the Champions Mob modifier, it would normally increase the number of champions in an activity but there are no Scorn champions anywhere in the game. This extends to Presage so the modifier is literally there just to scare you - there is absolutely no need for anti-champion mods at the moment.

Complete the activity and you will be prompted to speak with Zavala, at which point he will give you the catalyst. You can kill a bunch of enemies with Dead Man's Tale or speed up the process by opening hidden caches in Presage.

If you want to go the way of the caches, check out the video below for their locations.

The other option is to farm up the infinite Shadow Thralls in Shattered Throne. One way of getting there is to just go through the dungeon either solo or with a team and reach the room but you can also pop up in the Destiny 2 Discord and ask if anyone has a checkpoint on that room that you could load into. At that point, just mow them down with Dead Man's Tale and the catalyst should fill up in no time.

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