How to connect DualShock 4 controller and play PS4 games on iOS 13

Published: 16:01, 24 September 2019
DualShock 4 controller paired to an iPhone 7 Plus via Remote Play app
iOS 13 brings the option of connecting a DualShock 4 to supported devices

The new iOS update has added the option of connecting a DualShock 4 controller and streaming PS4 games to devices that support iOS 13. This includes iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs of the newer generation. Here's our guide on how to set everything up properly.

Apple have recently deployed the iOS 13 update to its newer devices, including iPhone 6s and later models. The update has introduced a variety of new things that significantly enhance the user experience, including some neat gaming features for PlayStation 4 players.

Namely, with iOS 13, users can now pair their DualShock 4 controllers with their iOS devices, and stream and play PS4 games via the Remote Play app that was introduced with the iOS 6.50 firmware update. In this guide, we'll show you how to connect your PlayStation 4 controller to your iOS device and use it as a portable device to play your PS4 games. We will be using an iPhone 7 Plus to take you through the process of setting everything up.

So the first thing you want to do is head over to the App Store and search for an app called PS4 Remote Play. This will take you to a screen where you can download the app. To make sure that it's the correct app that you need, simply check that the developer's name is PlayStation Mobile Inc.

Once you've downloaded and installed the app, open it, and you will be taken to a screen where you need to fill in your PSN account information. After entering your info, the app will automatically start searching for your PlayStation 4 via Wi-Fi. The process of locating and registering your PS4 should be completed without any problems.

However, if you do run into some connection issues - here's what you have to do: simply tap on the Register Manually button located in the lower right corner of the app. This will take you to a screen where you have to put in certain numbers that will allow you to manually connect your two devices.

AltChar DualShock 4 controller on a blurry background with PS and Share buttons circled Connecting a DualShock 4 to your iOS device takes only a few seconds

To find these numbers, head over to the Settings Page on your PS4, and open the Remote Play Connection Settings page and then press Add Device. Here, you will be presented with the numbers you need to enter on your iOS device, and you will then be fully connected to your PlayStation 4. You can now play and enjoy your PS4 games away from your TV screen. Now let's show you how to connect your DualShock 4.

The process of pairing a PS4 controller to your iOS device is very straightforward. Simply press and hold the PS and Share buttons on the controller until the light bar on top starts blinking. Then navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your iOS device and search for your controller. Tap on the controller's name to pair, and you're done. Your DualShock 4 is now successfully paired to your iOS device.

Sony Remote Play Connection Settings page on PlayStation 4 The Remote Play Connection Settings page will give you the numbers you need to register your PS4 manually

An important thing to remember is that both your iOS device and your DualShock 4 should have sufficient battery life for a smooth remote play experience. We suggest charging both devices above 80 per cent, and you should have zero problems streaming and playing your PS4 games.