Apex Legends Escape update: new hero, map and weapon

Published: 11:21, 29 October 2021
Respawn Entertainment
Apex legends - Escape update: Ash
Apex legends - Escape update: Ash

Apex Legends players will soon say hello to the new Escape update, a brand new hero, map and submachine gun. Ash's abilities have been officially detailed, and we now have more information about the new weapon.

Apex Legends' Escape update is on its way and will hit the ground running on November 2. Until then, we can read up on all the new features coming to the shooter, and get familiar with the new Legend, the fresh map and the versatile SMG.

New Legend: Ash

The simulacrum that was once Dr Ashleigh Reid, Ash has long overseen the Arenas but now she's there to challenge everyone. She can use her passive ability to detect death boxes, lock enemies in place and open up portals.

Rundown of Ash's abilities

  • Passive: Marked for Death
    • Ash's map shows the location of recent deathboxes. She gets a special prompt on a deathbox and can use it to mark surviving attackers. This can be used once per box.
  • Tactical: Arc Snare
    • Throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the first enemy that gets too close.
  • Ultimate: Phase Breach
    • Tear open a one-way portal to a targeted location. This portal stays open for a short time, during which anyone can use it.
New map: Storm Point

Pristine beaches and crystal clear water used to mean a holiday, but Storm Point is about to change the game. The new map in Apex Legends comes with its own story and the remains of three unique settlements built across the centuries. The Legends aren't the only danger on the island: there are also wild prowlers, venomous spiders, and gathering storms, all adding to the game's signature sense of dread.

New Weapon: C.A.R. SMG

We've only caught one brief glimpse of the C.A.R. SMG in the cinematic trailer for Escape. We now have more information about the interesting and versatile weapon. The Combat Advanced Round submachine gun is a fully automatic weapon any Legend would be lucky to have in a sticky situation. When you find yourself in a pickle, the C.A.R. will accept either Light or Heavy mags. Take the hybrid weapon with you if you mean to take the ultimate stand.

The rest of the patch notes, ranked updates and more.

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