Brawlhallidays 2021 brings new skins, podium and special avatars

Published: 20:48, 22 December 2021
Blue Mammoth Games
Brawlhallidays 2021 - Celebrate Yuletide
Brawlhallidays 2021 - Celebrate Yuletide

Brawlhallidays are back in force for 2021! There are some new skins on offer, an exclusive new Podium and a double frosty brawl of the week.

Brawlhallidays 2021

Brawlhalla's new event will treat the players to the "Festive Brawler" Title Reward. The reward is up for grabs to any player that logs in during the event. Brawlers can also pick up a new Podium as well as some limited-time items like the Winter Holiday Colors, Frostbite KO Effect, and more. 

Legend Skins:

  • Reindeer Games Gnash - "He never misses a delivery."
  • White Out Nix - "She makes death cookies for the other skiers."
  • Festive Yeti Onyx - "Oh what fun it is to blast your opponents far away, hey!"
  • Frost Guardian Ragnir - "Slashing through a winter wonderland."
  • Nutcracker Cassidy - "Ready to lead the cavalry this holiday season."
  • Santa Wu Shang - "He’s making a list and KO-ing you twice!"
  • Future Spirit Artemis - "The ghost of knockouts yet to come."
  • Nutcracker Val - "Exterminator. No job too big, or small, or seven-headed. Open holidays and nighttime."
  • Nutcracker Bödvar - "Neither mouse nor king can stand against true bravery."
  • Snowman Kor - "Don’t put rocks in snowballs. Someone could get hurt."
  • Krampus Cross - "He’s got this in the bag."
  • Holly Jolly Ember - "Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Stock."
  • Wreck the Halls Teros - "Who’s the most famous now?"
  • Secret Santa Thatch - "Yo ho ho ho!"

Ubisoft Brawlhalla - Holiday Event 2019 screenshot Brawlhalla - Holiday Event 2019


Winner Wonderland’21 Podium is a jolly new podium with fresh art and merry sound effects - "Take the Jötunn Express to the Gingerbread village!"


Winter Holiday Colors - The festive red, green and white colours can be bought with Gold. The colours are available for every Legend.

KO Effect:

  • Frostbite - "Hope you brought a coat."
    • The new KO effect disposes of your opponents with a cool flourish. 

Weapon Skin:

  • Winter Daggers


  • Bomby the Snowman - "And he waved goodbye, saying don’t you cry. Stand a safe distance away." - Animated avatar.
  • Mjolnir Snowflake - "Only Thor can catch this on his tongue." - can be purchased with Gold.

Blue Mammoth Games Brawlhallidays 2021 Brawlhallidays 2021

The Brawlhallidays 2021 event also features:

  • Daily login bonus of 250 Gold.
  • A chilly and fun Brawl of the Week - "Stay Frosty!"
  • Snow spread across a few Maps in Brawlhalla.
  • Holiday-themed UI Takeover - Follow the snowflakes in Mallhalla to find all the exclusive items.
Brawl of the Week - Double Frost

Appropriate. This week's brawl caters to teams eager to play some Snowbrawl at 150 per cent the usual damage. The three-minute 2v2 skirmish will award one point for hitting someone with a snowball, three points go to the player who scores a KO and one point will be deducted if you suffer a KO yourself. The team with the most points at the end of the round takes the proverbial cake.

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