Destiny 2: Best rolls for Austringer in PvE and PvP

Published: 06:48, 26 May 2022
Destiny 2 - Austringer
Destiny 2 - Austringer

Austringer came back with Season 17, sporting some new perks so here is a quick rundown on the best rolls you can hope for or eventually craft in order to get it right.

Austringer is a fan favourite that was gimped with the release of Beyond Light as the gun got the sunset treatment, blocking it from being used in any Destiny 2 endgame activities or Iron Banner. The latter had the power advantages disabled with S17 while Austringer and a few other Menagerie weapons got reprised and are now craftable.

Being able to craft it will probably have many people wondering which perks to pick so here is a guide on your best rolls for different activities.

Best PvP Austringer rolls

  • Extended Barrel
  • High Caliber Rounds or Ricochet Rounds
  • Snapshot Sights
  • Rangefinder

This is the best combination when going for maximum range. Snapshot Sights will minimise the drawbacks of Extended Barrel despite its recent nerf while High Caliber Rounds will add flinch on enemies. If you pick Ricochet Rounds you can kill enemies that retreat behind cover, if you're good enough.

  • Corkscrew Rifling or Fluted Barrel
  • High Caliber or Ricochet Rounds
  • Air Assault
  • Opening Shot

This will be a better roll if you often go for aerial combat. The gun will be accurate enough to land precision blows but I wouldn't recommend this build on a Hunter as their uptime is not very high, especially compared to Warlocks.

Best PvE rolls

In PvE, the first two columns won't matter much so go with anything you get really. Just remember that if you have Extended Barrel, your handling will suffer.

  • Outlaw
  • Rampage

This perk pairing has always been a strong one and being able to reload quickly in order to take full advantage of Rampage is always a good thing

  • Outlaw
  • Frenzy

Having this variation will also provide a good uptime for the damage buff but keep in mind that it can't go as high as Rampage and it takes very long to activate.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Reprised Menagerie weapons Destiny 2 - Reprised Menagerie weapons

Rolls to keep an eye on

Despite not being the best for certain builds, these rolls are very good and worth keeping around.

Demolitionist - good in both PvE and PvP. Each kill nets you 10 per cent of grenade energy.

Eye of the Storm - good in both PvE and PvP, although it's better in the latter. It will make the already highly accurate weapon even more so, making sure you don't miss a shot.

Hammer-Forged Rifling - Additional range without handling penalty but also doesn't have recoil control bonus.

Arrowhead Brake - Useful in builds where you want the weapon to be extremely precise, like the airborne one.

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