Civilization Vi - Food - a beginner's guide

Published: 22:25, 16 November 2020
Civilization VI
Civilization VI

This week we'll focus on Food and its role in the opening turns of your Civilization VI game. It is one of the main statistics that will determine how fast your cities grow and develop.

Food is one of the main stats in Civilization VI. The amount of Food your cities yield per turn will directly affect how fast your civilization grows. Just like Production, Food is counted on a per-city basis.

Food is produced individually by each city in various ways - the most important one is the land around your city centre. This, along with the all-important Hills from our Production guide will be some of the main factors when you're settling your new cities.

Each Citizen will consume 2 Food per turn. If your city has a surplus, its population will eventually increase by 1. Without a surplus of Food, your city will stop growing, and if it has a food deficit its population will eventually decrease by 1.

Your Population is, of course, affected by some other factors as well. We will be getting into those in the future guides.

Sources of Food

Getting your citizens to focus on tiles that yield Food will be the first thing you'll want to do. You can achieve this by clicking on your city centre and then clicking on the circle that says "Food". 


  • Grassland: +2 Food 
  • Plains: +1 Food 
  • Tundra: +1 Food 
  • Lake: +1 Food 
  • Coast: +1 Food 
  • Ocean: +1 Food 

The only terrains without Food yield are Desert and Snow but you'll avoid settling here anyway.


  • Bananas: +1 Food 
  • Cattle: +1 Food 
  • Fish: +1 Food 
  • Rice: +1 Food 
  • Sheep: +1 Food 
  • Wheat: +1 Food 
  • Horses: +1 Food 
  • Niter: +1 Food 
  • Citrus: +2 Food 
  • Spices: +2 Food 
  • Sugar: +2 Food 
  • Wine: +1 Food 

Fish, Rice and Wheat also provide additional Food with their respective tile improvements. Rice and Wheat provide additional Food Food yields with a Water Mill. You should get a Water Mill up and running as soon as possible as it offers additional Food and +1 Production.


Tile improvements you get from Bulders can greatly improve your Food production. Building three Farms adjacent to each other will grant you a boost in Food production after you've researched the Feudalism civic.

Trade routes

Getting a Trader unit as soon as possible will give you a chance to set up domestic trading routes if you've settled in an awkward position and have no other means of feeding your city's population. You can get a two for one here by sending your Trader units to a city that offers Food as well as Production.


If you happen to settle in or near a Desert in Civilization VI, you'd do good to construct the Wonder Petra as soon as it becomes available. Petra grants +2 additional Food yield on all Desert tiles in the city where it is built.

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