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Civilization VI arriving on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November

Published: 13:45, 25 September 2019
Chinese leader Qin Shi Hunay in Civilization VI
Civilization VI - Qin Shi Huang plays it cool

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners who have been craving for some strategic flavour, rejoice - Firaxis Games and 2K Games have revealed that Civilization VI will be hitting consoles this November, after a long absence from the two platforms.

Writing in the StationBlog, 2K's community and social media manager Dave Hinkle wrote, "It's been over a decade since Sid Meier's Civilization has graced a PlayStation console, so it is my extreme pleasure to share that the critically acclaimed turn-based strategy series is coming to PS4 this fall!"

Same, of course, applies to Xbox One, and Civilization VI will be arriving for both on 22 November 2019, just in time to make December pass in a haze and an instant. I mean, you've surely heard of the game's One More Turn legacy? If not, you're in for a treat.

2K and Firaxis have additional surprises in store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be getting the Expansion Bundle, which contains Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm expansions. 

This means console owners are getting the whole shebang and not a minute too soon, as Civilization instalments traditionally start shining after a few expansions. What it means in practice is - additional leaders and civilisations, new gameplay systems and fresh, unique challenges.

Strategy games aren't exactly a selling point for consoles, what with gamepads not really gelling with the whole strategy vibe, but 2K promise they've taken great care to optimise it for consoles. Besides, this is truer for real-time strategies than for turn-based ones.

Ultimately, and feel free to consider this both an opinion and a fact, Civilization VI is one of the most influential strategy games around, which without a doubt deserves to be ported to any and every platform possible.

The Roman capital Rome in Civilization VI Civilization VI - early game Rome

Civilization VI comes with a four-player online multiplayer, which lets you indulge in some historical what-ifs with friends, or foes for that matter - we've no doubt they'll be just as treacherous as AI bots. 

You can check out our or head over to the official announcement on .

Civilization VI

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Civilization 6: Rise And Fall - Georgia - Queen Tamar
Civilization VI
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