Apex Legends - A guide to Loba, the high society thief

Published: 17:04, 17 June 2020
Loba overlooks her handiwork in Apex Legends.
If this awesome character isn't evidence enough that Apex needs a Netflix spin off, I don't know what is.

Loba is the latest addition to Apex Legends' pantheon of characters, throwing in a fascinating balance of stealth efficiency and flanking aggression that once again reinforces the importance of sticking with your squad mates.

Each new Season has shown Respawn are more than willing to tinker with their carefully balanced formula by allowing Legends to leave their mark on the gameplay loop. Wattson, for example, isn't called the static defender without reason; in a game where momentum is your friend, she serves as a viable counter to stop players in their tracks.

Loba represents the logical next step on that trajectory of subtle iteration. Her tactical has huge implications for combat, but her Ultimate is very much a support tool that, if used in the right instance, is one of best squad supporting options available. 

Respawn Loba prepares to exact her revenge in Apex Legends. With a stare that fierce, Loba would turn me into a liquid.

The power of height 

The key to unlocking Loba's potential is primarily related to environmental awareness. You might be tempted to activate her jump drive bracelet at the first sign of unrest, but as with many Legend abilities, timing is everything.

Consider the throwing arc afforded by this nifty gadget; the vertical range is significantly more beneficial than you realise. While it could seem easier to simply pop it horizontally and disappear behind nearby cover, your best bet is to utilise height in combat to your advantage.

Characters can scramble up most single story structures (higher of course if you're Revenant), but Loba's ability to swiftly blink up to a vantage point and reign down fire is an oft ignored aspect of her move set. 

Choose your spot 

This one might seem like a no brainer, but the number of times we've encountered people burning off Loba's Ultimate in the middle of an open, loot less field is enough to confuse even the most novice of players. 

Both of Apex's primary maps in rotation have locations that are either initial drop chokepoints, and / or filled with supply bins and items galore. Once again, it's important to take into account your surroundings here, and keeping these locations on your radar is of paramount importance.

If you want to reap the benefits of Loba's Black Market Boutique, plant your staff at Slum Lakes or Containment in Kings Canyon, and Skyhook or Thermal Station in World's Edge. 

Respawn Loba plans her next move in Apex Legends. I would be fine if she robbed me.

Unexpected bait

One cheeky tactic that we use as Loba is utilising her passive Eye for Quality perk as a lure for stealthy ambushes. If you're more inclined to sneak around, hold down an area, and lie in wait for enemy squads, and you're halfway proficient with a sniper rifle, this tip is for you.

While you can observe high tier loot, and of course communicate that to your team mates, you can also use it as bait to lure in unassuming foes.

Pick a secluded spot that maintains line of sight with the goods. Wait for an enemy team to stumble upon it, and then wham! Open fire and get your buddies to flank. The other team will most likely be in menus organising their loot, and those few precious seconds can be a golden opportunity. 

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