Apex Legends - A guide to Crypto, the surveillance expert

Published: 22:31, 10 June 2020
Updated: 22:34, 10 June 2020
Crypto prepares to attack in Apex Legends.
There are not enough necklaces in this screenshot.

For all their efforts to ensure a momentum driven flow to most combat encounters, Respawn definitely threw an interesting wrinkle into the meta with the addition of Crypto. Here's some tips and tricks for everyone's favourite hacker.

Generally speaking, we prefer to scout an area and gather intel before diving headfirst into battle. This applies to most high stakes battle royale experiences, but in Apex, character specific abilities can often throw an additional spanner in the works. 

Burst in guns blazing and you can find yourself getting blindsided by Gibraltar's Defensive Bombardment, or caught unawares by a cheeky Wattson fence.

Crypto caters to players who lean toward a more methodical play style. You'll still need to keep your wits about you and your reactions sharp, but his move set is designed for support and squad play. 

If anything, he's the perfect counterpart to more offensive classes like Bangalore and Wraith; folks with lone wolf tendencies will find themselves quickly out played, but stick close to your buddies and Crypto can potentially be a game changer. So long as you utilise his tools of the trade to their fullest extent.

Respawn Crypto looks over his shoulder in Apex Legends. That is one curious eyebrow.

Backdoor infiltration

Your trusty drone has a great deal of functionality beyond its EMP Ultimate and scanning capabilities, which are not actively advertised within the character description. You can open doors and crates with it, which makes scouting ahead for loot a breeze. 

But the really interesting hidden features are extremely easy to miss.

Hop into your drone view and point yourself at one of the many Apex Games billboards scattered around both maps, and you'll get a readout informing you of the number of squads in range of your flight path. Better yet, you can even recover respawn tags from friendly death boxes.

There's significant possibility for variation in your approach to playing as Crypto, if you're willing to experiment a bit and dig deeper. 

Spatial awareness is key

Don't get so locked in to your drone view that you neglect your obligations to providing covering fire when it counts. It's more important than ever with Crypto that you utilise the drone sensibly, otherwise you'll get left behind and unable to effectively support your crew. 

One handy tip is to only deploy once your Ultimate is charged. Pick an appropriately secluded spot, and send your drone straight in with an EMP ready to pop. 

There's no sense in merely flying around being a "nuisance"; Respawn may have given it a health buff, but if you make it an easy target you'll be left languishing without your support option. 

Respawn Crypto takes the intel in Apex Legends. "I knew I should have picked up a bigger SD card for my Switch..."

Know how to fly

As alluded to above, it's very easy for Crypto's greatest asset to be picked off. If you're trying to get into a position to trigger the target tagging effect, don't just drop the drone into the middle of a squad in open space. This might seem like common sense, but a lot of players throw it away far too easily.

It's best to think of it like you're a human player; move between cover to cover, dodge incoming fire, and don't be afraid to pull back. The longer you can maintain its structural integrity, the better chance your buddies will have to eliminate the threat.

Height isn't always an advantage here though. Once you push the drone higher, you're significantly more likely to be picked off at range by a third party you haven't yet tracked. 

Keep it in close, with short, sharp movements. Darting around in close proximity will be far more beneficial, and give you more opportunity to recover if needed. 

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