Apex Legends - A guide to Revenant, the synthetic nightmare

Published: 00:44, 30 June 2020
Revenant takes aim in Apex Legends.
You. Are. TERMINATED. ... Wrong franchise.

The shattering arrival of Revenant into the Apex Legends meta was met with a combination of narrative trepidation and intrigue, and yet if play time statistics are accurate, he often goes unused. Here's our guide to flipping that script.

Even with his contextual origins as a corrupted assassin, Revenant is actually more akin to a weaponized scout, designed to quickly close the distance and strike with ruthless efficiency. 

His Death Totem, now massively buffed in the recent Season 5 Lost Treasures balance patch, is like an offensive version of Crypto's drone; with restrictions removed, you're free to wander in and get the lay of the land without fear of lethal consequences. 

But despite his inclination to lean towards a more aggressive style of play, he's actually closer to someone like Octane than Bangalore or Wraith. If deployed in the right manner, Revenant can be a genuine intel gatherer, especially with speed on his side.

Respawn Revenant observes his prey in Apex Legends. Is this my best side? I think it's my best side.

Think outside the totem 

As mentioned above, there is now no usage radius on Revenant's death totem. This is a massive adjustment, and opens up a world of tactical possibility. So long as you're partnered with a half decent defender (so Caustic, Wattson, and / Gibraltar), you can be fairly confident in your ability to look ahead and recon an entrenched enemy position without getting surprised.

Don't engage head on; use his passive Stalker ability to climb up to a raised area and observe the situation, and when combined with a now unshackled death totem, you can gather intel and get tagging with minimal risk. 

Remember: enemy players can destroy your totem with a few well placed hits. Just because the distance restriction has been lifted, you still need to stay relatively close by, otherwise you'll get caught in the middle of nowhere and be suddenly vulnerable. 

Open with Silence every time

If you're going to "spam" any ability in Apex, it has to be Revenant's Silence tactical. Not only does it shut down quick movers like Wraith and Octane, but the small contact damage dealt can be very effective in early game exchanges where armour and decent weaponry is mostly at a premium.

This should be how you start any firefight; launch a couple of well placed Silence vortexes, crouch walk with your increased mobility, and then press an enemy position from your flank.

But remember to avoid throwing away both "Silence" tacticals at the same time. If the enemy team are sticking relatively tight to each other, it's a waste of resources since one will definitely be enough to stop them in their tracks.

Respawn Revenant summons a death totem in Apex Legends. Cool robot assassins don't look at explosions.

Clambering pays dividends

One of the major faux pas we observe friendly players making time and again is their consistent need to loot each floor of a building at exactly the same time, making those precious opening moments a race to gather something useful. 

If you find yourself locked in with randoms, and you're rocking some Revenant action, do yourself a favour and make a beeline for the upper floors of multi story spaces. His efficient clamber all but guarantees you'll make it up there on your first try. Roll on the loot. 

Now, far be it from us to advocate separating from your squad mates, but in this specific instance, Revenant is perfectly suited to balance the scales of this particular issue. Height provides advantages in combat as well, so it's best to keep this in mind. 

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