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XCOM 2 with Humble Monthly Bundle for roughly £10

Published: 16:10, 09 January 2017
Updated: 16:11, 09 January 2017
Humble Monthly Bundle

Humble Monthly Bundle gives you lots of cheap games each month but likes to surprise you with what those games actually are

One of last years most critically acclaimed strategy games is now up for grabs with the Humble Bundle guys as a part of the January bundle for about £10 . Customers who pre-purchased the bundle got Warhammer the End Times: Vermintide in the January bundle as well.

If you subscribe now you will receive a copy of XCOM 2 and the benefit of getting whatever February's mystery game is. Humble Bundle also lets you opt out of your subscription at any time, so even if you aren't interested in the upcoming games, this might be a good chance to get XCOM 2 at a

YouTube XCOM 2 - January Humble Monthly Bundle YouTube XCOM 2 - January Humble Monthly Bundle

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