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XCOM 2 is getting an expansion that lets you play as CO Bradford

Published: 19:33, 02 October 2018
Picture of central officer Bradford in XCOM 2
XCOM 2 - Bradford

Firaxis has announced a new expansion for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen called Tactical Legacy Pack. It will add new customisation options, soundtrack, weapons, will let you play as iconic characters and bridge the story gap between games.

Everyone loved the badass stoic central officer Bradford in XCOM: Enemy Unknown and everyone hated the raspy-voiced Bradford in XCOM 2 that kept the players about civilian casualties or covert ops. Now we will get an opportunity to play as Bradford between the two games and hopefully before he underwent that horrible metamorphosis.

Tactical Legacy Pack will introduce four missions set between XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2 where we can see Bradford and Shen fighting with the remnants of the Resistance. According to Firaxis' creative director, Jake Solomon, Bradford will be the central figure of these Legacy Operations as he attempts to rebuild XCOM after its initial fall.

There will be a total of four stories that will bridge the gap between the two games and it seems there will be four operations as well. These operations will not feature base building as they will be back to back deployments with "tons of intense tactical combat". Solomon didn't mention whether the operators will have unique abilities or if they will just have regular abilities from the standard classes in XCOM 2.

One interesting bit is that the Legacy Operations will take place on newly created maps that were based on the original ones from XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Weapons and armour from the game have also been recreated for use in Legacy Operations and players will be able to carry them over to the War of the Chosen campaign.

Firaxis XCOM 2: War of the Chosen XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Solomon didn't explicitly confirm that War of the Chosen will be required for Tactical Legacy Pack but it seems to be heavily implied. Those who own War of the Chosen already will be able to scoop Tactical Legacy Pack for free when it launches on 09 October 2018, which brings tears of joy to fanboy commanders, some of whom are editors at AltChar.

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