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WRC 9 returns to Japan with two tracks in the country

Published: 22:45, 06 August 2020

WRC is returning to Japan after an absence of nine years with two tracks that will run across the Asian country-

New Zealand and Kenya were already presented in Nacon and KT Racing's upcoming WRC 9 and now the time has come for a surprise that is, by all means, a welcome one. When the game releases on September 3, 2020, it will have been nine years since Rally Japan was around for the players to enjoy as the last time they could witness it was 2011.

Rally Japan will introduce the mountains and forests of Aichi and Gifu districts which will host the WRC season's finale in November 2020. Players will be presented with narrow asphalt roads and aggressive corners so a lot of drifting will happen, coupled with numerous crashes until the courses are mastered.

On top of that, the lush environments in the forest will cause low visibility for the drivers so trial and error looks inevitable here. You can consult the trailer below for a preview of the courses.

As we mentioned earlier, WRC 9 is coming simultaneously to PC, Xbox One and PS4, with the first platform's copies being exclusive to the Epic Games Store. 

Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch release dates will be revealed later on.

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