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Worlds Adrift gets teaser trailer, you'd be forgiven for calling it Sky of Thieves

Published: 16:02, 11 April 2018
Bossa Studios
Entrance into a dark and cryptic looking temple in Worlds Adrift
Worlds Adrift

Worlds Adrift is a community-crafted MMO, as the developer Bossa Studios says on the game's Steam page, and the game has just gotten a new teaser trailer. As you can see, you may even call it Sky of Thieves but the devs promise much more.

In Worlds Adrift, players will be starting with a completely blank slate, in that they won't know what actually happened to the world. The game invites you to save the world by making a ship and rallying your own crew.

Worlds Adrift was announced in December 2014 and has had plenty of play-tests and even a closed beta since. Now however, they're preparing for Early Access, which starts in May 2018.

Bossa Studios A large building on a hill in Bossa Studios' game Worlds Adrift Worlds Adrift

Reflecting on the role of World Adrift's community, Bossa CE Henrique Olifiers said that they weren't prepared for the "sheer amount of quality feedback" that the community provided. It turns out that Worlds Adrift have been heavily influenced by this.

In fact, Olifiers says that the community's efforts at times "completely shifted our production's scope, and as a result, helped us truly hone Worlds Adrift's vision".

This doesn't mean that community feedback will no longer play a role, quite the contrary. The devs claim that they're excited to work with an even wider audience in making Worlds Adrift as great as can possibly be. Olifiers added that "this is another reason why we label Worlds Adrift as the first community-crafted MMO."

Bossa Studios A large cathedral in Worlds Adrift, game by Bossa Studios Worlds Adrift

The sense of mystery contained within Worlds Adrift is reflected in the name as well as in the game's description on . It says that, "Infinite islands populate an endless sky. What happened? Why? When? Such answers have been lost to the ruins of bygone civilisations."

Worlds Adrift will start its Early Access drifting across the sea of Steam on 17 May 2018, priced at $24.99/£19.49.

On a more comedic note, among the first comments on the video is one saying that Worlds Adrift already has more content than Sea of Thieves and we couldn't help but chuckle. How can one not love comment sections?

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