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Worlds Adrift gets new trailer ahead of Early Access launch

Published: 17:09, 11 May 2018
Bossa Studios
A large cathedral in Worlds Adrift, game by Bossa Studios
Worlds Adrift

After four years of development and play tests, Worlds Adrift is getting ready to hit Early Access on 17 May 2018 and this community-crafted MMO, as the dev likes to call it, has a new trailer, teasing more of the world of Worlds Adrift.

You'd be forgiven for calling it Sky of Thieves, we know . The games do share plenty of similarities and there's no going around it.  Nevertheless, as you can see for yourself from the trailer, Worlds Adrift is shaping up to be a completely different experience to Rare's swashbuckling adventure.

I've got to be honest - pretending you're Batman swinging his grappling hook around Worlds Adrift seems pretty fun. The combat even more so, although we'll refrain from any definitive claims until we've had a proper go at it.

The ship building part is particularly sweet, as it promises an enviable degree of actually functional customisation, as opposed to cosmetic pimping. Not that we mind cosmetics, mind you. 

In case you weren't familiar with the game's story, it's relatively simple - nobody knows. Players will be spawned in a mysterious world full of flying islands, leaving it up to them to piece together what exactly made these Worlds go Adrift.

So, players will be making their ships, rallying crews and running around on all sorts of adventures. Hopefully, they learn something about the world around them while they're at it.

Now, when Bossa Studios said Worlds Adrift is a community-crafted MMO, they really weren't kidding. It turns out that the game's latest update contained as much as 300 islands that were made by the game's fans.

Indeed, in case you're interested in having a go at Worlds Adrift island building, you can do so by picking up the Worlds Adrift Island Creator from Steam. Maybe your island ends up in the final version of the game and with some users petitioning for discounts for island makers, you may even strike lucky twice.

Bossa Studios A large building on a hill in Bossa Studios' game Worlds Adrift Worlds Adrift

Bossa Studios wrote a lengthy thank you note on the Worlds Adrift's , where they thanked their fans for their efforts. So, if you hurry, you may make the next island addition deadline.

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