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Worlds Adrift shutting down after failing to meet expectations

Published: 17:48, 29 May 2019
Bossa Studios
A large building on a hill in Bossa Studios' game Worlds Adrift
Worlds Adrift

Bossa Studios, the developer of sandbox MMO Worlds Adrift, have announced that the game will be shutting down in July 2019 after failing to attract the audience required to make it commercially viable. There will be a farewell party though.

"Making such an ambitious game was always going to be a challenge and we love the game we've built together with our community. However,  Worlds Adrift has not captured the imagination of as many people as we needed to make it commercially viable", they wrote.

Note that the studio is not closing down - just the game, and Bossa are planning for a proper End of the World party, although exact details on both are to be released later.

Worlds Adrift players will get to play the game regularly until the end, albeit with a bunch of perks that will make the experience a bit more compact. In other words, all the cosmetic items in the Worlds Adrift shop will be made free.

Bossa wrote that anyone who bought Worlds Adrift after 29 April is eligible for a Steam refund. In-game purchases made since the store launched in Update 29 will be refunded, but players get to keep the items.

The Worlds Adrift Island Creator, the tool players used to create and import their creations into the game, will apparently remain live, but without import capabilities.

"All Founders will receive a copy of I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator on Steam. In addition, the Worlds Adrift website will remain live with a list of Founder Captains' names as a digital monument to the world we built together", they wrote on Steam.

Having sprouted from a game jam and visually likened to an aerial Sea of Thieves, or Sky of Thieves if you will, Worlds Adrift was announced back in 2014.

Bossa Studios A large cathedral in Worlds Adrift, game by Bossa Studios Worlds Adrift

The reviews were pretty good but Worlds Adrift never left Early Access, and the content hasn't exactly been flowing, which tends to be something live service games live and die by.

You can find the Worlds Adrift shutdown announcement post on Steam .

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