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World of Warships: Legends gets British Heavy Cruisers and more

Published: 19:46, 10 March 2021
World of Warships Legends
World of Warships Legends

St. Patrick's Day is making a splash in World of Warships: Legends as new ships, campaign and more additions are making it into the game.

World of Warships: Legends added plenty of new things for March 2021, including a premium Russian cruiser, British heavy cruisers, two Legendary Bureau projects and some returning content.

Taken by Storm is the featured campaign for the month and it will award the Tier VII Russian cruiser Ochakov. The ship is a versatile project that aimed to be a compact light cruiser but it fills many roles.

Ochakov doesn't excel at firepower but the 152 mm guns have great ballistics, shell performance and reload speed. Additionally, the ship features radar, sonar and long-range torpedoes, meaning you are highly likely to find a good use for the vessel.

Players will have five weeks and 100 milestones to reach in order to complete everything and Legendary tier ships will be eligible for completion of some missions.

As for the British additions, the heavy cruiser line will become fully available in the latest update. These cruisers feature an interesting kit that includes consistent guns that can wreck enemy ships, single-launch torpedoes as well as a powerful heal and sonar. The Albermarle will fill the Tier VII and will have radar on top of the aforementioned features. Low gun range and manoeuvrability will be the drawbacks of this ship line.

American destroyer Gearing and British battleship Conqueror will get Legendary-tier as the first one gets upgraded with an adaptable combination of six 127 mm guns and extremely long range torpedoes. The British vessel will boast a twelve-gun salvo that will rain high-explosive or short-fused armour-piercing shells.

St. Patrick's Day is bringing back the cruiser Belfast and other goodies that can be found in the Pot of Gold, a loot box that will guarantee doubloons and camo.

On top of that Ranked battles will return for two weekends with altered rules and a few smaller additions will join the roster.

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