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Plague Inc DLC is released, free until Covid-19 is under control

Published: 00:37, 31 January 2021
Ndemic Creations
Plague Inc: The Cure cover image
Plague Inc: The Cure cover image

Ndemic Creations released a new DLC for the hugely successful Plague Inc which is going to be free until further notice, or rather until Covid-19 is under control.

Plague Inc: The Cure turns the tables on the players and instead of trying to infect the entire world with their virus strain, they are attempting to save it from a pandemic. It is striking close to today's reality because we are still in Coronavirus issues and Ndemic Creations didn't let this fly over their head.

The developers are well aware of the parallel the game is having with the real-world situation and the devs are also meaning to use it as a learning tool for the masses. When Coronavirus initially hit, Plague Inc saw a massive rise in users which prompted Ndemic to issue a statement saying they are not an official source of intelligence on the virus but they are still attempting to use their research to achieve good.

The Cure, which is the DLC for Plague Inc and the biggest expansion ever, is looking like a great tool for raising awareness since you will be tasked with allocating resources to boost testing capacity, make face masks compulsory and lock down countries to prevent the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, you will be able to make experimental treatments in order to try and combat the virus head on. These treatments could pose some other threats for the general health so you will have to balance the risks.

On the other hand, you won't need to worry about the balance of your credit card since The Cure is free for the foreseeable future. 

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