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Italian ships get release date in World of Warships

Published: 20:30, 16 February 2021
World of Warships - Dante Alighieri
World of Warships - Dante Alighieri

Wargaming announced the new Italian ships and their release date in the latest community post on Steam along with free bundles and more.

Italian Navy is coming to World of Warships on February 18, 2021, and will feature six warships in total:

  • Dante Alighieri (Tier IV)
  • Conte di Cavour Tier V)
  • Andrea Doria (Tier VI)
  • Francesco Caracciolo (Tier VII)
  • Vittorio Veneto (Tier VIII)
  • Lepanto (Tier IX)

That said, the ships are arriving in early access and there are a few kinks about earning them now that will be different in the future. Players will be collecting Italian Tokens in order to grab these vessels and the currency itself is temporary so players will have to either commit to earning them all in one go or not bother with farming too much to avoid losing the accumulated resources once they go away.

You can earn Italian Tokens by completing combat mission groups such as a special chain of combat missions and the random bundles acquired via doubloons, free random bundles, recruitment point bundles or official WoWS streams. 

Furthermore, you will be able to obtain Tier IV to VI battleships with the amount of the tokens you can earn in total while Tier VII, Francesco Caracciolo, will be available as the reward for completing the last combat mission group. Tier IX, Lepanto, is only obtainable from random bundles acquired with doubloons.

On that note, make sure you don't miss out on the free daily bundles that will also include the Tokens. You can find more info on them in the official announcement or the video above.

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