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World of Warships gets a new game mode and aircraft carriers

Published: 12:18, 17 February 2022
Updated: 17:41, 17 February 2022
World of Warships: Legends - Aircraft carrier
World of Warships: Legends - Aircraft carrier

Wargaming are adding a new temporary game mode to World of Warships along with a few aircraft carriers that bring a new dimension to the naval warfare.

Dirigible Derby is the new limited-time game mode in World of Warships that will pit two teams against each other as they attempt to get their blimp to the destination before the opponents do.

The blimps themselves are in the air and can't be damaged, on the account of gaining altitude when enemy ships enter their danger zone. When it ascends, however, the blimp will lose speed, meaning it will arrive at the destination slower than the opposing one. 

As such, the two teams of warships will be tempted to enter dangerous areas in order to gain a tactical advantage, which should lead to quick-paced games of destruction. Whichever team delivers their blimp to the destination first wins.

Meanwhile, another addition to the game is the two new Super Aircraft Carriers, reinforcing British and US naval powers. Brits will have The Eagle, which housed some of the most advanced aircraft in the 1950s, including jet aircraft that ushered a new standard in achievable aerial speeds.

On the side of US, there is a vessel that was recreated from the unfinished plans from 1949, meaning we are on the brink of science fiction here as WoWs offers a glimpse of what could have been in an alternate timeline.

Both of these ships will carry two types of squadrons - standard and the new tactical squadron. The jets can quickly cover long distances and deliver quick strikes against the enemies.

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