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WNBA teams could reportedly be featured in NBA 2K20

Published: 15:09, 21 March 2019
Updated: 16:31, 22 March 2019
WNBA star A'ja Wilson standing in a 2K face scanning booth.
A'ja Wilson of the Las Vegas Aces will be featured in NBA 2K20

WNBA teams could be featured in the upcoming NBA 2K game, according to two WNBA stars, A'ja Wilson and Renee Montgomery. Whether NBA 2K20 is going to feature the entire WNBA league or just these stars in select modes, is currently unknown.

NBA 2K games have been going through a bit of a rough period over the last couple of years with NBA 2K18 being an absolutely abysmal experience, from cheesy gameplay to downright awful microtransactions policies.

NBA 2K19 however, managed to rectify most of the issues its predecessor suffered from, but it's still nowhere as good as the legendary NBA 2K11 title, despite all the flashy animations and gorgeous visuals.

In fact, graphics and presentation have always been one of the strongest points of NBA 2K games, with every new edition bringing more amazing things to the table in this department. But the gameplay itself - the very core of the game - has pretty much remained the same over the last few years with only some minor changes here and there.

This lack of groundbreaking changes in new iterations of NBA 2K games is mostly due to the fact that 2K have little to no competition in the basketball gaming field. Gone are the days of NBA Live 2003 and 2004 when EA Sports absolutely dominated the genre. Yes, they have made some impressive improvements with NBA Live 18 and 19, but it still hasn't been enough to take on the 2K giant.

With basketball fans being pretty much forced to buy the new NBA 2K game each year because the alternative offers a substantially inferior experience, it's easy for 2K to be complacent and not put in tons of effort in their new game because people will buy it.

However, things might finally be a bit different this year with NBA 2K20, as there are some hints and rumours going around that the new NBA 2K game could feature WNBA teams. Namely, the power forward of Las Vegas Aces and a WNBA star, A'ja Wilson, tweeted a of herself inside the 2K scanning booth with a "coming soon" caption, implying that she will soon be featured in the game.

2K Sports Marcus Young and Paul Tatum speaking to MyPlayer in MyCareer mode The story of this year's MyCareer is immersive and engaging

Moreover, the point guard of Atlanta Dream, Renee Montgomery, also took to Twitter to to a comment of a fan who was asking about the possibility of seeing WNBA in NBA 2K. Montgomery responded by saying that it's "going to be in the upcoming game." All of this leads us to believe that 2K could indeed be planning something big for its fans with the inclusion of female ballers.

Now, whether these tweets and face scans of WNBA stars mean that the entire WNBA league is going to be fully featured in the new game is unclear at this point, as 2K may decide to just use the player models of certain WNBA players as cameos in the new MyCareer story.

However, with the last two editions of NBA Live featuring WNBA teams and players, all fully playable in both the street mode and their own league, it is safe to assume that NBA 2K will probably follow suit. All that remains to be seen now - should the rumour prove to be true - is how 2K are going to implement the new teams to their game.

EA Sports Maya Moore of Minnesota Lynx in NBA Live 19. Maya Moore in NBA Live 19

We expect to hear more info on this from 2K themselves over the coming months. September is the usual release date window for NBA 2K games, but this developer's hype train always sets off much earlier than that.