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Rumour has it WWE 2K21 will be skipped by 2K Games

Published: 13:57, 14 April 2020
2K Games
WWE 2K20 cover art featuring Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch
WWE 2K20

Much has been said about this year's instalment of 2K Games' wrestling franchise, WWE 2K20. You probably know that most was quite unkind, and now we hear rumours that the publisher will skip WWE 2K21 altogether.

The rumour originates from Justin Leeper, whose writing was part of quite a few Road to WrestleManias. Having been a reliable source for WWE 2K20 information for a while now, there's some credibility here, but we'd still stick to the grain-of-salt principle until it's official. 

"I have heard from reliable sources and I truly believe that WWE 2K21 has been cancelled. There will be no game this year", Leeper said. 

He reminded that WrestleMania traditionally brings the announcement or an ad for the next instalment, but not this time.

Nevertheless, Leeper argues that this is not bad news - quite the contrary. That will likely depend on your perspective, of course, but long-time followers of the WWE 2K franchise know very well what he meant. 

At launch, WWE 2K20 had more bugs than Starship Troopers, Starcraft and Bethesda combined, even if some were downright hilarious. It looked, felt and played like an unfinished product to the point where 2K stated it failed to meet their quality and sales expectations.

Behind the scenes, the chief developer of the WWE 2K franchise decided it's time to move on onto other things after finishing WWE 2K19. For all of 2K's efforts to paper over the cracks, Yuke's absence ended up being felt. 

2K Games WWE 2K20 screenshot showing a male wrestler in black gear WWE 2K20

To be fair, 2K Games probably should've done this on 2K20, as it was unreasonable to expect any studio to pick up seamlessly after two decades of Yuke's reign. There's even word of a live-service version, but we should know more on that soon. 

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WWE 2K20 is the latest instalment in 2K Games' wrestling series

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WWE 2K20

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