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League of Legends to allow more early surrenders

Published: 13:12, 09 January 2023
Riot Games
League of Legends - Morgana is a teacher with visions of grandeur, and the power to back it up
League of Legends - Morgana is a teacher with visions of grandeur, and the power to back it up

Players who don't wish to be in a game will be able to get out of it easier when new League of Legends patch kicks in.

League of Legends is often seen as one of the most toxic gaming environments, but that is the price of its competitive nature.

Still, this becomes too much for players at times, leading to matches where most of the team already doesn't want to stick around after 15 minutes but the current rules state that all five players need to vote yes if the surrender vote is to be successful.

With patch 13.2, Riot Games announced that this will change as only four votes will be enough so even if one player votes "No", the early surrender will go through.

Riot's reasoning is that the players often have a good sense of whether a game can become a success although this will always be debatable.

The developers went with the decision for this change based on data they have on matches where four out of five players voted in favour of surrendering at 15 minutes.

Such matches would rarely yield comebacks which is why this change is going live soon.

Riot Games League of Legends - Yasuo splash art This will mean more teams will surrender before Yasuo hits his 0/10/0 power spike

That said, Riot seems aware that too many surrenders would negatively impact the game for the opposing team as well - if you play well in the early game and build up a lead, it feels pretty bad when your opponent just gives up before mid-game kicks in properly.

With all that in mind, Riot will keep an eye out to see how this impacts the players and nothing is set in stone - if the change proves unpopular, it can always be reverted.


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