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Death Stranding trailer explains what the game is actually about

Published: 08:03, 12 September 2019
Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding has got a new trailer on Tokyo Game Show 2019. Named Briefing, the trailer reveals the plot of the game and finally explains what exactly players can expect for it once Death Stranding arrives next month.

Ever since Hideo Kojima and Sony announced Death Stranding more than two years ago, the game has been a mystery to many and each new trailer only brought more questions than answers.

Hideo Kojima tried to explain the game several times by saying that it's not a stealth game and most definitely not a first-person shooter but in the end, even Kojima gave up and said that it's really hard to explain it and sometimes, even he doesn't understand it.

The latest trailer which premiered at Tokyo Game Show 2019 tries to spell out what the game is actually about and we have to say that it certainly does it much better than some previous ones.

It's a seven-minute cutscene taken directly from the game and it features the main protagonist Sam Bridges in a conversation with the daughter of the President of the United States named Amelie.

On her mission to reunite the country once again by activating terminals all over the world, Amelie gets kidnapped by a terrorist group known as Homo Demens and now, it's up to Sam to rescue her and complete her mission.

If you're wondering how is Sam talking to Amelie if she is being held hostage, well, she explains that "she's not being kept in a cell and that they allow her to use their facilities" and talk to Sam whenever she wants but won't let her leave Edge Knot City. Homo Demens keep Amelie as their insurance policy and want to be left alone by United Cities of America (UCA), which is led by Amelie.

Death Stranding screenshot showing a man lying in bed Death Stranding
Death Stranding

All in all, the plot looks pretty interesting and we can't wait to see how the story develops further. The acting in the cutscene is also top-notch and all signs point at an exciting cinematic experience. Hopefully, the gameplay is not lagging behind.

Death Stranding is hitting the shelves on 08 November 2019 for PlayStation 4.

Death Stranding, upcoming PS4 exclusive by Kojima Productions

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Death Stranding

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