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Death Stranding for PC delayed by a month

Published: 10:50, 21 April 2020
Kojima Productions
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Death Stranding

Coronavirus pandemic has hit Kojima Productions' plans as well and the team has officially announced that they will move the release date of Death Stranding's PC version to mid-July 2020.

Death Stranding's new release date for PC is Tuesday, 14 July 2020 as Kojima productions announced Covid-19 pandemic caused issues with their release schedule.

This is the result of the temporary closure of the Kojima Productions, which was then followed by a transition to work from home model. The team thanked the fans for their patience and continued support in the announcement and while delays are not something fans of any game want to hear, it appears that most are voicing support for the decision.

It is common sense, after all, that forcing someone into working harder and exposing themselves to health risk during a global pandemic is a repugnant thing and Death Stranding's fans displayed they have a grasp of the current situation by not showering the announcement with hate messages.

On top of that, the delay is not that horrible either. The previous release date was pinned to 2 June 2020, meaning we are looking at roughly month and a half of additional waiting. With all the enticements to stay at home and free games coming all around, it's hard to imagine PC gamers will be bored out of their mind while anticipating the Norman Reedus postal service.

This puts a question mark above Horizon Zero Dawn's PC port as well since that game may also be delayed due to the pandemic. Then again, Kojima Productions are based in Japan, the country that started calling for more serious prevention measures recently.

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