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Watch Dogs: Legion has no English in Russia, despite advertising

Published: 01:18, 03 November 2020
BBC's Marc Cieslak in Watch Dogs: Legion virtual interview
BBC's Marc Cieslak in Watch Dogs: Legion interview

Localisation is sometimes welcome but sometimes terrible. The latter reason is why Russian fans were extremely unhappy when Watch Dogs: Legion didn't have English in their region, despite advertising as such.

English language is not native for a large chunk of the world but having video game characters speak in your mother tongue is not something all gamers prefer. For example, many Russian gamers prefer the original voice acting in games because voice actors in Russian localisation tend to miss the mark apparently.

This results in voiceovers being sped up or slowed down artificially, which can ruin immersion in certain cases, such as the one with The Witcher 3 and the issues Russian players had with Geralt's voice actor .

It is for this reason that the Russian fans were happy to have English language option for Watch Dogs: Legion, which was originally advertised for the CIS region. However, the PC version of the game actually released without English which caused a backlash and the word spread on Reddit. 

When confronted about the lack of language options, they didn't introduce them to the CIS version of the game but merely removed mentions of it in their ads. Considering the ads with English listed as a feature were running for a long time before, this is hardly fair for Russian players.

Some fans are also speculating the reason for not letting Russian players have English is regional pricing. Western players could essentially go and buy the CIS version by using VPN or other means, paying a lot less in the process. 

It will be rather ironic if Russian players start pirating the game instead, nulling any potential profits Ubisoft could make there, as a result of the company's attempt to prevent Western players from getting cheaper copies.

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