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Wasteland 3 will have dozens of different endings

Published: 13:57, 24 September 2019
inXile Entertainment
Desert Rangers in a colourful room in Wasteland 3
Wasteland 3

Brian Fargo revealed some more information regarding Microsoft's acquisition of inXile Entertainment, including the increased staff number and how Wasteland 3 will benefit from it. For example, the game will have a pile of different endings.

Wasteland 2 had a bunch of different endings that were the results of player choices during the main campaign as well as some side quests. It seems like inXile Entertainment continued with this vision when making Wasteland 3 and their somewhat recent acquisition by Microsoft enabled the studio's intentions.

According to Brian Fargo, interviewed by HomeCinema-FR, there are over 80 people working at the studio now. There is no doubt Microsoft's additional funding played a role here and the company gave inXile even more tools to work with, such as user research labs, localisation departments and QA departments.

Fargo stated that Microsoft gave the studio a lot of leeway in decision making, with the goal of producing the best games possible and Wasteland 3 is "the first beneficiary" of that deal. As a result, the game will end up with "dozens of endings" that reflect the choices players made along the way.

Technically, this is not that new since Wasteland 2 had a similar system with the ending being separated into brief slideshow presentations that were independent of each other. Any combination of these slideshows could be considered a different ending but many of them felt somewhat same, provided the Rangers completed their mission in Arizona and LA.

Players will be able to kill anyone in the game, including "key story NPCs" which sounds like quite the branching endeavour and one of the reasons why so many endings will be possible. Due to the sheer size of the game combined with the choices players will be given, there is apparently no way to experience everything in a single playthrough. Needless to say, this should enable even more replayability.

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