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Wasteland 3 will not be a timed Epic Games Store exclusive

Published: 11:10, 13 May 2019
inXile Entertainment
Picture of Desert Rangers in snowy Colorado
Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 fans are still worried that the game will be a timed exclusive on Epic Games Store for some reason even though inXile Entertainment confirmed they will deliver it to all storefronts on release day, including DRM-free GOG.

Microsoft has acquired inXile Entertainment near the end of 2018 which had both positive and negative feedback from fans. Some were disappointed the studio is no longer independent, others were happy that it has more funding now.

The same funding could be the reason why Wasteland 3 will not be a timed exclusive on Epic Games Store, which would have an extremely high chance of happening if not for Microsoft's bucks. 

Fans are still not entirely convinced or are uninformed it seems, as they keep asking the same question time and again, even though it was answered about half a year ago. Thankfully, Brian Fargo doesn't seem to be tired of these questions yet as he once again Wasteland 3 will come to all platforms as promised during the backer phase on Fig.

Then again, these questions and answers constantly flowing around could serve as free marketing following Epic Games Store's infamy.

Furthermore, the same dev update that announced the acquisition by Microsoft features a list of supported platforms, right below the screenshots. It still lists Steam and even PlayStation 4, Microsoft's main competitor on the console market but not Epic Games Store.

Other fans asked whether EGS would get timed exclusivity which Paul Marzagalli, inXile's community manager, outright denied.

Other fans might be concerned that acquisition by Microsoft could mean they wouldn't get their DRM-free version on GOG but this was also by Marzagalli, back in December 2018.

inXile Wasteland 3 artwork of rangers standing in percipitation looking all bzns Wasteland 3

When it's all summed up, Wasteland 3 is coming to Steam, GOG and even PlayStation 4 on the same day which is the initial game launch. It will not be exclusive to any platform, not even for a limited time.

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Wasteland 2: Director's Cut

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