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Wasteland 3 is not as goofy as infamous E3 trailer suggested

Published: 10:32, 10 August 2019
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Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 is highly anticipated but the trailer from E3 2019 suggested the game would leave its grim roots in favour of a goofy tone. It wasn't received well and Brian Fargo recently confirmed the game would stay true to its origins.

Wasteland series adopted a grimdark, bleak tone since the beginning and continued that way with Wasteland 2. Fans obviously liked this and stuck with the series, anticipating Wasteland 3 with fervour. That is, until the E3 2019 trailer which had Wasteland 2's resident drunkard, Scotchmo, narrating what looked like a different take on the series with influences from Rage 2 and Far Cry New Dawn.

It turns out that Wasteland will not copy the new dandy takes on post-apocalyptic wastelands and actually continue to do its own thing. The information comes from Brian Fargo himself, via an with Game Reactor.

Fargo described Wasteland 3 as "really dark and bleak" and stated that the trailer was of sarcastic nature. He continued to explain that the tone we got from the trailer was largely influenced by Scotchmo's narration and that the game still features the dystopian elements encountered in previous entries.

That is not to say Wasteland 3 will be barren of humour, however, since there will be funny moments from time to time but this is nothing we didn't see before and certainly not a change in the series' direction.

In a followup, Fargo added that Wasteland 3 may even turn out darker than Wasteland 2 and some of those moments could even be seen in the trailer itself but just didn't bear the same weight due to the not-so-serious narration.

On the topic of Scotchmo himself, his appearance prompted Game Reactor to ask whether more recruits from Wasteland 2 would make a comeback.

inXile Entertainment Picture of players fighting Slicer Dicers in Wasteland 3 Wasteland 3

Fargo didn't decisively state anything but he did tease that "[we] might". We wouldn't hold our breath for seeing Rose or Lexcanium once again though. The recruit choice seems to be abundant as he mentioned "a big cast" but couldn't confirm whether there would be more than in Wasteland 2.

Then again, Wasteland 3 recruits are fully voiced and interact with each other throughout the world, probably in a similar to that of characters in Mass Effect and Dragon Age series.

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