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Wasteland 3 and Bard's Tale IV will come to PS4 after all

Published: 10:10, 20 November 2018
inXile Entertainment
Picture of a Desert Ranger hat in Colorado
Wasteland 3

Fans of Wasteland and Bard's Tale series were worried whether the newest instalments would come to PlayStation 4 due to Microsoft acquiring inXile Entertainment, as many expected them to become exclusives. This will not be the case.

Wasteland 3 and Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep are two upcoming games in development by inXile Entertainment, both of which were promised to release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Whether or not it would come to PS4 wasn't certain ever since Microsoft acquired inXile, as it is kind of awkward to develop a game for a rival company.

Brian Fargo talked about the acquisition with Eurogamer recently, where he was asked about the future of these two games. When prompted about Bard's Tale IV's appearance on PS4, he stated that inXile would deliver the game to that platform if inXile promised so earlier, but he wasn't sure whether they did. As it turns out, there was a where the game was specifically announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, after its launch on PC.

In the case of Wasteland 3, Fargo was way more certain, since he immediately confirmed that inXile promised a delivery to PlayStation 4, saying "That's coming to PS4. Absolutely". Considering fans have been waiting for years to get their hands on the next Wasteland, this should come as a great relief.

For Microsoft, this is sort of a bittersweet deal. They will be selling their game on their main rival's platform, but then again, they will not have an exclusive game on their hands. In a nutshell, Sony will benefit from any development and publishing costs Microsoft will endure. There is nothing stopping the latter from having exclusive incentives for Wasteland 3 on PC and Xbox One though.

inXile Wasteland 3 artwork of rangers standing in percipitation looking all bzns Wasteland 3

In the remainder of the , Fargo talked more about the state and future of both himself and inXile Entertainment. He initially announced he would retire after Wasteland 3, but that option is now off the table apparently.

Art pictures and early screenshots from inXile's Wasteland 3

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Wasteland 3

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