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Warframe update 23 The Sacrifice brings a new cinematic quest

Published: 16:40, 16 June 2018
Digital Extremes
Tenno in a warframe is looking at some weird looking landscape

Digital Extremes have released a new update for their surprise hit Warframe, named The Sacrifice. This update brings a new cinematic quest, umbra armour for warframes, Tenno and companions, UI themes, moddable weapons and gameplay changes.

This update is massive in scale but one of the takeaways is The Sacrifice quest. It's the next chapter of the cinematic storyline, which will likely challenge players' abilities due to Digital Extremes' advice to bring their best warframe and operator loadouts before embarking. It will be available to players as soon as they complete The Second Dream, The War Within, Chains of Harrow and the Apostasy Prologue.

The Sacrifice also brings a pile of new cosmetics, such as the Umbra armour set for any warframe, Kubrow and Kavat companions as well as new operator outfits. A new glyph called Umbra in Action will also be available, along with Umbra and Dax items from The Sacrifice collection. Dax Syandana will also be available, which apparently belonged to Dax, a late Orokin.

Eight new themes have arrived and they can be previewed on . There are apparently 131 screens that don't fit well with the new style and Digital Extremes will be looking to give them a transition via UI themes players have chosen, regardless of whether they are default or purchased ones. There are also two themes that were specifically created for visually impaired or colour blind players - Equinox which is black & white and one high contrast theme.

Ability-driven, or Exalted weapons can now be separately modded in Arsenal. The customisation refers to both functional and appearance changes. Exalted weapons will be automatically added to players Arsenal if they have Excalibur/Prime, Ivara, Mesa, Titania, Valkyr/Prime or Wukong warframes.

Digital Extremes Some Tenno in a warframe is looking at something that looks like a clock but isn't one Warframe

Digital Extremes have also remained vigilant when it comes to bugs and other smaller issues that demanded attention in Warframe. They have added new functionalities to PC controllers, polished the gameplay further and fixed enough issues to fill on their forums. 

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