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War Gloves are Albion's newest weapon and artifact type

Published: 01:42, 11 September 2021
Sandbox Interactive
War Gloves are for those that like their fights up close and personal
War Gloves are for those that like their fights up close and personal

It's been a while since the last Roadmap Update, and now devs can reveal further details of a major upcoming feature: War Gloves. A new weapon type and Artifacts coming to Albion Online.

There are 18 distinct weapon trees, each with its own corresponding Mastery node on the Destiny Board. Each mastery or weapon tree in Albion Online, belongs to one of three basic archetypes, as seen in Destiny Board. Now, War gloves are joining that number.

War gloves are a weapon that excels at engaging an enemy and then keeping them engaged, dealing damage at the same time.

 War Gloves are an entirely new weapon line, featuring:

  • Three new base weapons
  • Four Artifact weapons
  • Fifteen new abilities
  • Melee-focused brawler gameplay style (damage, mobility, control) plus limited ranged abilities
  • Dedicated Combat and Crafting Masteries (Warrior line / Warrior's Forge) 

Although War Gloves will only become craftable once the next major update is released, the Artifacts for this weapon line will already be added to loot tables before the start of the next season.

This ensures their availability once the update releases and gives PvE and market players a valuable new loot type to play with.  Drop rates will start low and be adjusted to the same level as other artifacts once the update is released.

This weapon type is for those that find even swords to have too big of a range, and daggers too spindly. They are bulky, dangerous-looking, and pack quite a punch.

Sandbox Interactive Albion Online - War Gloves Artifacts Albion Online - War Gloves Artifacts

In order to access a weapon tree in Albion Online, the correlating Destiny Board Mastery must be unlocked by using the weapons of the connected previous node. All players start with novice weapons similar to that of the Warrior archetype and may branch to the other archetypes and eventually weapon trees when they increase the mastery level. We don't, as of yet, possess the information where War Gloves will be placed, and how hard it will be to reach them.

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