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Albion Online Into the Fray Expansion Integrates Twitch Drops

Published: 00:38, 07 June 2022
Sandbox Interactive
Albion Online PvP battle
Albion Online PvP battle

Twitch drops are one of the best ways of getting a player base to create a stream following of any game on Twitch. And now Albion Online are joining the ranks.

In their last dev talk before the release, the devs have said that Albion Online has a dedicated group of content creators, and to support them and grow the Albion Online community, they have integrated Twitch Drops.

Players can link their Twitch account to their Albion account and earn rewards for watching official content creators. Up to 7 Community Reward Chests can be earned per week, and those contain a wide variety of vanity items and unlocks.

The unlocks themselves include existing vanity skins and entirely new exclusive variations. These, in turn, can be salvaged into Community Tokens, which can be spent at the Vanity Merchant in each city.

SandBox Interactive Albion Online - Winners of Energy Surge statue Albion Online - Winners of Energy Surge statue


Additionally, the Into the Fray expansion is also adding Victory Emotes, which are a new type of audio-visual expression of your victory over another player, played at the location of your defeated opponent at the moment of your victory.

Each time an emote is played, it consumes a single charge, and charges can be earned from Community Chests, crafted with Community Tokens, or bought with Gold.

The Victory Emotes are being launched with a small selection that will be expanded in the future, and Can also be turned off in Settings at any time. 

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