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Albion Online New Event Teaser Has Been released

Published: 00:01, 12 July 2022
SandBox Interactive
Albion Online - Empty Conqueror's Hall
Albion Online - Empty Conqueror's Hall

Albion Online is no stranger when it comes to events being implemented in their world. Now, a new one is coming, the first of the Into The Fray expansion.

Sandbox Interactive have just released a teaser for a new event coming to Albion Online , and it's one filled with mystery. With the Into the Fray expansion focusing on mages, it seems that some new, or perhaps ancient, magics are involved.

The teaser consists of in-game reports, both first-and and otherwise, of strange things happening in the world of Albion Online:

"I wanted to take my kid to Conquerors' Hall today to show them the statues. We got there and there’s just a load of empty plinths! I don’t know if this is for regular statue maintenance or what, but they could have given us a bit of information at least. My kid’s crying now, thanks a lot."

SandBox Interactive Albion online - Double Vanity Bundle Revealed Albion online - Double Vanity Bundle Revealed

It goes on to say that all over the Royal continent, statues of past seasons' winners have been found missing, with no trade of who took them, or why.

This is, obviously, a setup for a story event that will take place in Albion online, seeing as the anniversary celebrations are coming up, and we doubt that they will be postponed, no matter what the teaser says.

They will just wait for brave heroes to uncover the mysteries of the missing statues, and give the inhabitants of the world another thing to celebrate.

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