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Albion Online Into the Fray Patch 1 Changes and Updates

Published: 02:28, 24 June 2022
SandBox Interactive
Albion Online - February Carnival
Albion Online - February Carnival

The first patch for the Into the Fray update is now live! This patch brings changes and improvements to the Arena, Crystal Arena, Portal Town travel,  and more.

The first patch of the Into the Fray update brings some improvements to the Arena and the brand-new Crystal Arena. With it, players are fully healed at the end of a match and have all cooldowns reset so that they can enter the next fight at full health.

Furthermore, players’ max load now receives a significant increase while in an Arena match. Waiting times in the queue have been significantly reduced, as well, particularly for premade 5-player teams. It's get players into the action even quicker, say the developers.

And the highest Crystal Arena Rank Points that a player has reached in a season are now displayed in the Character Stats UI.

This patch builds on the Into the Fray update with some helpful Quality-of-Life improvements, including:

  • Players can now travel to Royal Cities and islands from Portal Towns while carrying items / baggage
  • Increased time for treasure chests in Castles and Castle Outposts to despawn from 5 minutes -> 30 minutes
  • "Enrage" buff of Elite Castle Guards no longer stacks
  • Clicking on a capturable orb now auto-dismounts the player
  • Picking up a Power Core or Energy Crystal now removes the shielding effect from invisibility shrines. Though the target will still be silenced and can't attack for 10s

In addition, the time it takes for Castle and Castle Outpost chests to despawn has been increased from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

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