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Victoria 3 teaser shows new Products in Factories

Published: 02:25, 15 July 2021
Paradox Interactive
Victoria 3 is finally here
Victoria 3

Information on Victoria 3 has been a highly sought-after topic ever since the game was announced. Now, with Paradox developer diaries on break for quite some time, that information has become scarce and we are scrutinizing every little detail

Strategy games, in general, are games about management. Building, creating, and upgrading your society is the goal, but rarely are there consequences of such actions, aside from those positive ones such as the increased output of products and decreased input of materials.

While upgrading in Victoria 3 is by no means a bad thing, not only are certain conditions required to be present, but the players must be aware of what exactly those upgrades represent. Perhaps upgrading a factory will put a strain on the market regarding the materials needed, or the workers may go out of jobs if technological advancements are high enough, or the new product is not as well-received as the old one, whose production is now suffering due to a change in Production methods.

Now, with the teaser released by WiZ, of a glassware factory in Ohio, all of this begins to take on a new meaning.

Paradox Interactive A teaser screenshot of an in-game factory A teaser screenshot of an in-game factory

With the factory producing glassware, most likely as Luxury Goods, one of the possible Products is household plastics. With this, one may expect that, as all new things, plastics become the "new thing" of the society the player is controlling.

Perhaps, due to that, the prices of glassware will drop, causing it to be available to the wider populace, with the price of gum, a Material needed to make plastic, skyrocketing, unbalancing your economy, of bringing balance to it.

What is certain, though, is that plastic was mentioned briefly during the time period of Victoria games, and with it being one of the options to manufacture, this small detail shows how much the player can affect the course of history.

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