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Victoria 3 Vehicles Will be Displayed on The World Map

Published: 23:49, 16 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
Victoria 3 - A clipper departing Luanda in the Portuguese colonial state of North Angola
Victoria 3 - A Navy is imperative for a colonial power

The world map in Victoria 3 will be a living thing, the devs say. But just how living, though, is something that can be answered b taking a look at the vehicles in the game.

Traversing the roads, seas, and even skies of the game, Paradox have made quite a few vehicles that breathe life into the world. These are unlocked by research, adjusting your Production Methods, and building specific buildings.

The most fundamental one is a horse carriage that traverses the dirt roads of connected Hubs, while with specific research you can instead have cars putter along the roads! If regular roads are too simple for you there are also a bunch of different trains for when you’ve researched railroads, old locomotives can turn into electric ones, and steel railway cars can also be applied.

But the land is not the only place where vehicles make an appearance. On the seas and along the shipping lanes you’ll be able to see cargo ships traveling! These range from simple clippers to steamships, depending on what you’ve researched and what sort of Production Methods you’re utilizing.

Paradox Interactive Victoria 3 - Early concept art for the Navy ship models Victoria 3 - Early concept art for the Navy ship models


Last but not least we can look to the skies where we’ll be able to see Zeppelins soaring through the air when skyscrapers have been built and act as anchoring points for the massive airships.

All in all, the Victoria 3 map will give the feeling of a world in motion, as it should be. After all, the Victorian era is not all perfumed aristocrats hiding in their castles.

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