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Victoria 3 Characters Will Change Their Appearance Based on Context

Published: 01:25, 11 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
Victoria 3 - Burma Farmers
Victoria 3 - Burma Farmers

The core Pop mechaic is defined by the very population it represents. And how are players meant to know that, if they cannot see the citizens. Well, Paradox have just given an answer.

The Pop mechanic is the one that propelled the Victoria franchise to its glory. however, all of the Pop categories have characters that represent them, their live and their looks.

The characters of Victoria 3 aim to be visually representative not only of the stratas they inhabit but also of their profession and its characteristics.

Butchers sporting cleavers, farmers have pitchforks and servicemen have rifles, all this in combination with various different appearances for different cultures, a large age spectrum as well as a plethora of different outfits ranging from farmer rags to exquisite dresses gives a really varied appearance of the game's characters.

Paradox Interactive Victoria 3 core "pop" mechanic Victoria 3 core "pop" mechanic


While the visual pillars still stand even for the characters, ensuring that their appearance is a bit softer and filled with a bit of hope, they also show when they are not doing well, giving starving Pops altered idle animations where they look displeased and hunched forward.

Devs say that they are still finding new ways of increasing the personalities of characters and their overall visuals and look forward to giving them even more life in the future!

This sort of design will give the game a more in-depth feel, as nothing says an angry mob is about to make a revolution as an angry, and most importantly hungry, peasant does.

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