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Victoria 3 interview showcases the game's look and artwork

Published: 18:38, 09 June 2021
Paradox Interactive
Victoria 3 is finally here
Victoria 3

Well aware of our growing need for information on Victoria 3, Paradox Interactive are supplying us with another part of the game's development process. Namely that of the game's look and overall design.

In the recent interview Victoria 3 Art Director Max Elmberg Sjöholm, started off with the developing team's intention while creating Victoria 3. Though the Victorian Era, he says, is one fraught with change, danger, and intrigue, they wanted to bring the beauty of it, and the sense of wonderment into the fore.

Their way of accomplishing that is to make Victoria 3 differ from other Paradox Interactive games in the sense that the industry, war, and diplomacy, while present, serve as tools with which the era's vibrant artwork and culture shine through and makes the players feel as if they are a Victorian themselves.

Experiencing the lavish lifestyle of nobles, and the simplistic beauty of farm life, as well as the contrast between the two, is what they intend to achieve. No matter which culture, region, or nation the player is controlling, all of them will have their distinct place in the sun.    As all players would know, Victoria games are filled with vast options to choose from. Though the era may be harsh, Paradox Interactive strive to light a flame of hope at the end of a tunnel, and the players all the tools they need to reach it, whether it's freeing their people, making them wealthy, or setting the world right.

The pop mechanic, without which Victoria games cannot be mentioned, will be the cornerstone of the team's efforts. Simulating the life of every class present in Victorian Era society, along with their lives, artwork, attires and other contributions to culture is what sets Victoria 3 apart.

Paradox Interactive Coastal city in Victoria 3 Coastal city in Victoria 3

The world Victoria 3 is set in is a work of art in and of itself. Not merely a map to be painted with your colors, the developers intend to make it look pleasing even if there is nothing of note happening at that very moment. The player will truly feel as if they are looking over the world in a birds-eye view, and not as if they are looking at a map in some sort of a conference room.

What can be said for certain though is that Paradox Interactive are paying great attention to every detail of the game. It is obvious they understand the importance of Victoria 3, and as such are trying to provide the fans with the best game possible. One which keeps its core values intact, while bringing new flavor for players to enjoy.

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