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Victoria 3 - How Voting and Elections Will Work

Published: 07:10, 06 May 2022
Paradox Interactive
Victoria 3 is finally here
Victoria 3

Though the games are named after a British Queen, as well as the era, there is a fair bit of democracy mixed in. The latest dev diary explains how it all works.

A country has Elections if it has any of the Distribution of Power laws that enable voting:

  • Landed Voting: Aristocrats, Capitalists, Clergymen, and Officers hold essentially all voting power, gaining a huge bonus for the Political Strength they contribute to their Interest Groups.
  • Wealth Voting: There is a Wealth Threshold that determines a pop’s eligibility to vote. Pops that can vote have more Political Strength.
  • Census Suffrage: The Wealth Threshold is significantly lower than in Wealth Voting. Literate pops contribute much more Political Strength to their Interest Groups.
  • Universal Suffrage: There is no Wealth Threshold for voting. Pop type and literacy do not grant additional Political Strength. Though of course, a pop’s wealth will continue to contribute to their Political Strength, and Literacy will make pops more politically engaged.

Paradox Interactive Coastal city in Victoria 3 Victoria 3 - Coastal city

All of these laws are compatible with any of the Governance Principles laws. A country with the Monarchy law for instance could be an absolute monarchy with no voting system at all, or it could have Universal Suffrage. Likewise, a Republic might very well be a presidential dictatorship.

In essence, any of the voting types can be paired with any system of governance, with varying degrees of difficulty in making it come to fruiting, and various consequences, such as Political tensions brewing, which may lead to rebellion.

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