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Victoria 3 - How Construction works in-game

Published: 06:39, 05 March 2022
Paradox Interactive
Coastal city in Victoria 3
Victoria 3 - Coastal city

Making buildings in Victoria 3 will not be as easy as it is in other strategy games, as one of the earliest dev diaries told us. The newest one goes into detail about why that is.

ConstructionCapacity, in Victoria 3, is a country-wide value of your nation’s overall ability to make progress on new buildings in a single week.

For example, if your country produces a total of 100 Construction and a new Textile Mill costs 300 Construction, you’d expect to be able to build that Textile Mill in a total of 3 weeks.

All countries get a tiny amount of ‘free’ Construction Capacity to ensure that you never get stuck in a situation where you need Construction Capacity to expand your Construction Sector but need a Construction Sector to get Construction Capacity.

This amount is woefully small though, and wholly insufficient even for a small nation, so if you’re not planning to run a subsistence economy long-term you will definitely need to invest in a proper Construction Sector by building more Construction Sector buildings in your states.

Mechanically speaking, the Construction Sector is a type of government building that employs people and uses goods to output Construction Capacity with a variety of different Production Methods, ranging from simple Wooden Buildings to modern arc-welded Steel and Glass structures.

Paradox Interactive Sweden could use some more Government Administration buildings Sweden could use some more Government Administration buildings

It does work a little bit differently though, in that the amount of Goods used by the Construction Sector each week depends on the actual need for Construction Capacity - if your Country is producing a total of 500 Construction Capacity, but will only need 250 for ongoing projects that week, the total usage of Goods in the Construction Sector is cut by half, though you still have to pay the wages of all the Pops employed there.

Ultimately, what this means is that how fast you can build things depends entirely on how much money, goods and research you’re willing to throw into your Construction Sector.

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