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Victoria 3 developer diary introduces in-game buildings

Published: 17:38, 10 June 2021
Paradox Interactive
Building in Victoria 3 is a more hands-on experience
Building in Victoria 3 is a more hands-on experience

Every Thursday players await Victoria 3 developer diary and the information it brings. This week, the information is centered on buildings and Buildings, following the established distinction a capital letter represents.

Buildings in Victoria 3, with a capital "B", do not represent just a single building. A single level of, for example, Government Administration Building, is actually a series of buildings and complexes which need to be filled with Pops require to work them, who are Bureaucrats in this instance. In contrast to Victoria 2, even buildings such as roads and railways will require Pops to work them, or they will just be empty buildings that have no use and contribute nothing.

The most Basic of Building types is the Substience Buildings. These are, in essence, the most basic of farms that crop up on Arable Land, which is not used for any other purpose. Highly ineffective, but numerous at the beginning of the game, these Buildings crop up by themselves and are not built, and it's up to the player to optimize the Peasant workforce into using their land more productively.

Another special type of Buildings, like Substience Buildings, are Urban Centres. They are not built but are automatically created in an urban area, and their level is based on the Urbanization level that the surrounding buildings generate. the Pops that are mostly employed here are Shopkeepers.

Government type Buildings, on the other hand, are fully built and funded by the state, and are manned mostly by middle-class echelons of Pops. Bureaucrats generate Administration, which was spoken about in the previous dev diary, used in administrating incorporated states, and Academics work in Universities where they produce Innovation needed for technological advancement, to name a couple of examples.

A counterpart to Government Buildings are Private Industries. Most buildings in Victoria 3 fall under this category. Buildings such as plantations, factories, and mines are owned by either Aristocrats or Capitalists and are not under direct player control. Owners reap the profits while paying the workers and taxes. These buildings are limited by the type of resource they need to operate, such as arable land, iron, or other materials. Factories, as Urban Buildings, are limited by the number of people that can be crammed into the state, simulating the more populated nature of cities, as opposed to villages with Arable Land where plantations are based.

Paradox Interactive Administration Building of the State of Svealand Administration Building of the State of Svealand

The final type are Development Buildings, which are mostly built by players, and provide the necessary Infrastructure for your state to function.

Building costs depend on the Building type and economic situation of supply and demand of resources needed to build it.  Building in Victoria 3 is intended to be a more hands-on experience, with the players having to rely on the AI less to do that for them, to better stimulate immersion of developing your state. Important to note is the fact that States are present in Victoria 3 as well and, of course, differ from states with more explanation on that mechanic in the future. Next Thursday though we can look forward to a dev diary explaining Goods.

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