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Victoria 3 dev interview sheds new light on the game's development

Published: 20:37, 01 June 2021
Paradox Interactive
Victoria 3 is finally here
Victoria 3

In light of recent concerns regarding Victoria 3 and its eventual success or failure, the developers explain their thought process on making the game and its various features.

After years of waiting, Victoria 3 is finally something we can look forward to. But the fans are wondering, are Paradox Interactive up to the task of delivering the game and satisfying built-up expectations?

 As can be seen in the interview, the developers are well aware of what the success of previous Victoria games can be contributed to. Population management, society building, and all-around internal development focus.

The famous pop mechanic is back stronger than ever, with every citizen of 19th century Earth being simulated. Political parties and movements will be ways for players, the rulers of a country, to interact with their populations. But to assuage fears, developers have pointed out that, if players wish to dig deeper, they will be able to interact with their population however they want to, and these are just tools given to help with the burden of running a country.

Economics and diplomacy are staples of Victoria games, and such is the case in Victoria 3. Managing supply and demand, as well as your population's preference for certain goods is a challenge unto itself. That is why, conflicts are best resolved through diplomacy, rather than war, as will most likely set your progress back, even it is resolved favorably for you, due to population death and economic and academic decline.

Paradox Interactive Example of the new population mechanic Example of the new population mechanic

Accessibility is one of the key features explained in this interview. As stated by one of the developers, deep game mechanics are Victoria games' charm, and to sacrifice those would not be making a Victoria game. However, in order to ease new players into the game, and make some quality of life changes for the old players, user interface options and tools are streamlined and optimized, to make playing the game feel more sleek and fluid, whilst keeping it complex and deep.

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